Transmission Tower Painting & Corrosion Protection

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Tower Power provides energized tower repair and energised tower protective coating and painting services throughout USA and Canada.

Our live line tower repair and maintenance services include:

  • Transmission tower corrosion repair
  • Transmission tower rust treatment and mitigation
  • Hand tooling and (Wet) Abrasive blasting
  • CP (Cathodic protection)
  • Transmission tower and transmission line support structure live line painting
  • Communication Tower – Broadcast AM/FM/TV and Cellular tower corrosion repair, treatment and painting.

Energized Tower Experience and Expertise

Specializing in live line tower repair and maintenance, we offer the utilities throughout North America a team of highly trained and skilled professionals committed to providing the USA and Canadian markets with a first class tower painting and corrosion protection service.

Tower Power has applied over $30million worth of protective coatings in some of the harshest environments in the world.  That has involved the successful inspection, preparation, repair (where required), priming and painting of energized transmission towers with voltages up to 500kV.

Safety and Quality

From distribution to transmission, grillage to sky-wire peak – every member of the Tower Power team is fully trained to meet your energized tower repair and painting requirements.

Every one of our tower painters has over 2,000 hours working in the energized zone – some have over 10,000 hours.

All staff members have extensive training and are certified in tower rescue, painting at heights and working in high-risk environments.

Our focus on, and commitment to, safety gives our workers the confidence to achieve quality workmanship in all areas of live line tower repair, corrosion treatment and the application of protective coatings for transmission towers.

Let’s talk some more about how we can meet your transmission tower painting needs. Click here to phone or email Tower Power – the transmission tower painting specialists.