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Tower Power is a growing and passionate business, focused on safety and quality, specializing in transmission live line tower painting.

We have a wealth of experience in tower construction and maintenance with Tower Power, while through New Zealand’s Cake Group, we have applied more than $30 million worth of protective coatings in one of the harshest environments in the world.

About Tower Power

Tower Power’s unique business model stems from two specialist companies, one operating in Canada serving North and South America (Tower Power) and the other in New Zealand (Cake Commercial Services) serving New Zealand, Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Our relationship began in 2011, when both companies responded to a tender request from Transpower, for a comprehensive transmission tower painting maintenance contract throughout New Zealand.

Recognising the synergies between their two companies, Tower Power’s Michael MacDougall and Cake Group’s Clive Mackay joined forces. The combination of Tower Power’s experience in maintaining and painting steel towers, together with Cake’s specialist protective coating and local knowledge presented a winning formula perfectly suited to the demands of the work of energized tower corrosion treatment and energized tower painting.

Cake won a five year contract with Transpower NZ Ltd to maintain their network of transmission towers spread New Zealand. This involved work on some pretty rusty towers. We were involved in high tower corrosion treatment and abrasive blasting, rust mitigation, and the application of a protective coating to the live line transmission towers.

Background information on Cake Commercial Services, New Zealand can be found on the Cake Group website.

Since winning the Transpower contract, Cake have, with the help of Tower Power, successfully developed and refined their transmission tower painting processes and expertise to the point where Transpower views them as a key player in the tower painting industry.

So that’s it in a nutshell. While Cake Group handle things in New Zealand, Tower Power is rapidly expanding in USA and Canada where they are gaining a reputation as being first class tower painters. We are currently managing the tower painting program of BC Hydro.

Current Clients

Tower Power Group is a trusted supplier to:

  • BC Hydro – Transmission Tower Painting Program
  • New Zealand’s Transpower – National Grid (through Cake Commercial Services) – Tower Painting Program

We’d like to add you to our list of clients so let’s talk some more about how we can meet your transmission tower painting needs. Click here to phone or email Tower Power – the transmission tower painting specialists.