Energized Transmission Tower Painters

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Working With You to Find the Best Solution For Your Towers and Substations

The Tower Power team is experienced in preparing and applying a variety of suitable protective coating and paint systems which are approved for painting transmission and communication towers and other tall structures.

We work with clients and suppliers as partners helping you to find the best solution to your protective coating requirements.

That means whether you require a zinc-rich one-coat product, or a serviceable combination of zinc, vinyl, MCU or epoxy coatings, you can be assured we will prepare the surface and apply the protective coating to a first class standard so that, once that protective coating is on, it will stay on.

Tower Painters With a Passion

Painting transmission towers may seem a strange thing to be passionate about but that is reality for Tower Power – we provide low-risk solutions for high-risk energized tower repair and maintenance.

Our services include:

Inspection and Repair

  • Full safety and efficiency inspection of steel structures including, transmission towers, substations, transformers, power pylons, antennae, broadcast, cellular and microwave towers
  • Rust & Corrosion inspections – view brochure

Maintenance and Preparation

  • Abrasive blasting and high pressure washing
  • Tower corrosion treatment and mitigation
  • Rust treatment coatings for towers and tall steel structures
  • Cathodic protection

Live Line Tower Painting and Protective Coating

  • Transmission towers, transmission line support towers
  • Broadcast – Cellular – Microwave towers
  • Elevated steel structures

Best Practices

best practices - What we do


  • Evaluate system impacts and risk tolerance (Utility Staff)
  • Collect data on structures, service environment
  • Acquire knowledge by training or hiring contractors


  • Evaluate financing options to insure resource availability
  • Develop long-term relationships with contractors
  • Determine cost/benefit of all plans and invest appropriately


  • Execute all work by certified corrosion professionals or engineers
  • Explore lessons learned from similar utilities
  • Focus on high-quality inspections and work execution

Work Execution

  • Implement energized tower painting – to the extent possible
  • Apply cathodic protection and coatings to steel foundations
  • Use qualifying and experienced personnel to ensure formal quality control programs

Let’s talk some more about how we can meet your transmission tower painting needs. Click here to phone or email Tower Power – the transmission tower painting specialists.